BLJ crafts high-impact communication strategies that move diplomacy forward.

Often, the most effective method for advancing diplomatic goals is to get out of the ambassador’s office and get into classrooms, community centers, newspapers, and business gatherings. BLJ’s innovative approach recognizes that there are many tools available for crafting diplomacy that are often overlooked. From expanding trade to driving tourism, sharing cultures and improving people-to-people interactions, our work connects world leaders, diplomats, businesses, media, academics and the general public across borders to enhance understanding, goodwill, and cooperation.
Whether seeking to host the Olympics or World Cup, grow your company, or burnish a reputation, you need to win over both hearts and minds. In the age of the 24-hour news cycle, your ability to communicate quickly and clearly can mean the difference between persuading audiences of your point of view and permitting others to define public perception.

Utilizing our global network of high-level connections across media, politics, business, and civil society, we help you achieve your objectives through specialized media campaigns, imaginative events, and nuanced, informed strategic advice.
BLJ expertly develops bold, creative strategies that raise international awareness on critical global issues. We help to build movements for the modern age, working with passionate activists and organizations to mobilize millions and achieve meaningful change.

Through our campaign-like strategic approach that unlocks the power of technology and marshals critical resources on key points of influence, we have successfully elevated numerous social causes to international prominence and produced transformational results that have improved the lives of millions of people around the world and ensured that their voices are heard.
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